Geomatika Technology Sendirian Berhad was established in 1996 by a group of Licensed Land Surveyors, Mapping Specialist and renowned country GIS specialist who has devoted most of their professional life in hardware, software and networking development projects related to land or spatial information management system in the government and private sectors. Geomatika reinstated with the 'Bumiputera' status company from the Ministry of Finance.

       Geomatika Technology as a one stop Spatial Information Management Center provides turnkey system such as GPS, Aerial Photography, MIES, Soft Photogrammetry, Digital Mapping, GIS, System Integration, Data Capture and Conversion, Advance Key Board Entry Application, Spatial Software Development, Hardware and Software Procurement, Telecommunication, Process Engineering, Research and Development, Accelerated Learning and Training in the related fields, Remote Sensing and Airborne Radar Systems, Hyperspectral Mapping, Navigation and Survey Systems and many others.


       The main objective of this company is to contribute towards the development and to produce Malaysian expertise especially among the 'Bumiputera' in Geographic Information System (GIS)  and Information Technology (IT). These professionals have undertaken much research and development during their  tenure time in the government and private sectors.

       Geomatika Technology is also committed to excel in its spatial project developments and services. Our aim is to service our  clients with the most appropriate technology available in the market.

       With our homegrown expertise and ongoing research in the field of digital spatial information management, Geomatika Technology is  very much in the mainstream of Malaysia's push into the field of information technology and vision 2020. The mission is to provide high quality of digital spatial content that can be shared by almost all users.

       The services, products and systems that we provide will demonstrate outstanding performance in delivering cost-effective system engineering, advanced mapping, quality assurance and support services to our clients throughout Malaysia.

       Geomatika Technology is a dynamic and proactive spatial information management company. The specialists in the company have lots of experience in the development of Spatial Information Technology dated back in 1985. This include the development of Cadastral and Mapping procedures, Land Information Infrastructure, Metadata Policy and Advance Mapping/GIS Applications.


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